Fellas with Soul Tickets are Out!

Tickets are on sale for our 3rd Annual Fellas With Soul. We take this day to bring together male artists, vendors, poets, and artists to share their stories and empower men everywhere to share their stories to inspire one another.

Why is it a great movement?

Fellas With Soul is an incredible opportunity to celebrate the men in our community and raise money towards a non-profit that supports men’s mental health initiatives.

Men frequently struggle with expressing vulnerability, a challenge that can result in numerous mental health concerns and has been associated with a higher rate of suicide among men.

Fellas With Soul is not just an event—it's a powerful movement towards change, fostering a supportive environment where men's mental well-being is prioritized and openly discussed.

Fellas with Soul 2023 Recap

Fellas with Soul is dedicated to men's mental health awareness and allowing men to shine and showcase their talents and work. Last year we brought together men from all different walks of life to raise money towards men’s mental health, witness incredible performers, and purchase from amazing local vendors. You can watch the recap video from last year below.

Men’s Mental Health

This year, 50% the proceeds of Fellas with Soul will go to the Movember Foundation in order to further raise awareness for men's mental health. Movember is a nonprofit that functions worldwide helping men’s mental and physical health. They raise awareness about men’s issues such as suicide, as well as prostate and testicular cancer. We were able to raise a total of $400 last year and we’re aiming to raise even more this year for our chosen profit!


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