Mission Statement

Our mission at Abbysoul Productions is to provide men and women the confidence and support they need to succeed in both their personal and professional lives. We think that every person deserves to feel secure and confident enough to be the best version of themselves. We work to provide a loving, compassionate environment that is welcoming to all individuals who want to network, look for an internship or be apart of our annual events. We want to serve as a resource to help people get connected to the right resources while learning how to navigate in their freelance career. 

Internship Opportunities

Women Speak Up offers diverse and impactful internship opportunities, ideal for students and career enthusiasts looking to make a difference and advance their careers. These internships provide hands-on experience, skill development, networking, and mentorship, while allowing for flexibility with remote options. Join us and be part of the change in promoting gender equality.

Layla Dessouki

Digital Marketing Intern

Georgia Blake

Marketing & Event Planning Intern

Joel Rogers

Graphic Design Intern

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